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Great Ork Gods

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Chanter was developed for the Iron Game Chef: Fantasy competion hosted by The Forge, and organised and judged by Mike Holmes. For the competion each entry had design a fantasy roleplaying game in seven days, using the words: Island, Ice, Dawn and Assault as key features of the game. Chanter was my entry.

It won.

You can find the original text here - the only changes from the original post are that it has been re-formated for HTML, and some minor textual errors have been corrected. No rules, or flavour, text has been changed in meaning from the winning entry. You can also find Mike's review of these original rules here.

Since it was developed in a week, it doesn't have the completeness one might hope for in a roleplaying game, and it is lacking some polish and any playtesting. I'm hoping to further develop it in the future, but that will have to wait until Great Ork Gods is finished and released.

Chanter is copyright 2004 Jack Aidley